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Tax time

Tax season is upon us.  The deadline for RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) contributions is next Thursday (March 1st) and I need to make one or else I’ll have to pay more tax!

Our accountant already worked on our taxes so I know I have to contribute $1600 minimum to have to pay zero tax, but more will get me a refund!  I want a refund!

It is great to be making enough that I owe tax on my self-employment earnings, sort of, but I really prefer to keep my money in my account.

Mom gets everything back – she received approval for the Disability Tax Credit so she appears to get back all the tax deducted from her pensions.

Last year I procrastinated horribly about getting my bookkeeping done and to our accountant.  This year I was on top of it and got the books all caught up over Christmas, then just had to wait for my January statements to reconcile… then my laser printer died and I couldn’t print my reports!!!  My bookkeeping computer is pre-internet and I had no way to get the files off it.  I tried to save my Quicken reports as Lotus files on a CD but the versions are so old the files wouldn’t convert.

I ended up taking photos of the monitor screen, then cutting and pasting the shots to gether to get reports I could print as jpegs.  Time consuming…

Now I have to upgrade my bookkeeping software to something from this decade so I can start 2012 fresh on a new program.