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Club Painting for Mardi Gras

Last night I painted at a club that I paint at regularly.  They hire me to paint the staff up for holidays and theme nights and I enjoy it very much.  Sometimes I stick around to paint the customers too but last night I had to get home (the mom sitter was only booked to 8:30 p.m. and as it was I didn’t get home until 9!)

I will be back there on St. Patrick’s Day and will be staying to paint the customers!

Here are some pictures I managed to remember to take last night.  First is one of the bartenders – he gets painted every time.

This really demonstrates how crappy I am at roses… Roses?  Yes… there are roses… No really, look at the painting… see those red blobs with the green… [sigh]  They are at the ends of the “banner”? You still don’t see them?  Nevermind then, forget I mentioned them.

And here is a butterflyish design – she was going to be wearing purple and green when she started her shift:

That’s it… I took a few others but they looked better in person.

Next weekend I will be painting at a soccer jamboree with a crew of three painters and one mom to wash brushes.