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My new baby

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On Wednesday I traded in my 2007 RAV4:

For a new 2012 RAV4:

She had a whole 14 kms on her when I picked her up.  No one else ever drove her (except from the factory to the truck and off the truck to the dealers lot, and around the lot to get her ready for me.)  The new car smell is REALLY strong… and the whole garage now smells like new car!!

She’s got a black interior, with grey fabric seats and carpet.  The radio controls are on the steering wheel but I keep forgetting and using the ones on the dash.  The heater heats up WAY faster than the old one who took 20 minutes to get hot inside.  The suspension and steering are really tight and it is a much smoother ride than the old one.

The 2007 only just reached 20000 kms after I’d made the deal – it was at 19937 when I signed the deal, but I put about 100 kms on it over the weekend.

I’ve got a seven-year extended warranty this time so I will hold onto her a little longer than the past RAVs – I always trade in before the warranty expires.

The graphics company is working on my wrap. I wanted them to just do the same but they couldn’t locate the file from the original so they have to redo it… but aren’t charging me for the design and set-up.  Not sure when it will get done but I told them I really needed it before April 22 which is my first outdoor event this year.


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