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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(ves?)

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I’m currently working on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at Grande Prairie Live Theatre.  The show opened this past Thursday and runs through the 22nd.  We’ve got three matinees too (two down, one to go… I am not fond of matinees as they kill my weekends!)

I haven’t seen it yet (we are going Saturday).  It isn’t the Disney version but it is child friendly.

The dwarves are all children, age range of 8 to 13.  Two boys and five girls who are all “male adult” dwarves.  I’m having fun making them look like fairy tale dwarves!  Here is a before and an after of them all:

I’m doing really basic “character” make-up on them using Kryolan and Snazaroo… The bases are being applied by my assistants while I finish up The Queen, Snow, and Gretchen, then I slap on the line work, beards and moustaches, brows and one uni-brow.  It is really quite effective on stage.   And taking a sweet pretty little blonde eight year old and making her look like a cranky old dwarf her mother wouldn’t recognize is really a lot of fun!

Here’s The Queen – beautiful and ugly versions… I whipped up the mask from left over Halloween SFX on really short notice for opening night… no one had mentioned it to me before second dress!

Here is Gretchen (the housekeeper, also known as Amy, my mom’s aide) and the two maids (can you tell they are sisters?)

As you can tell by the title of this post I’m a bit on the fence about the plural of the word DWARF… so I googled it… technically “dwarrows” is was it should have been but Tolkien used “dwarves” in The Hobbit and the rest, as they say, is history.  Me, I lean toward dwarves… ’cause half is halves, wolf is wolves, calf is calves, elf is elves… etc., etc.  And it isn’t wrong, so I’m right!


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