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Christmas… OMG it is next weekend!


Where does the time go?  I still haven’t done any baking, only have the barks made for candy (still have to do the brittles and toffees), haven’t shopped for mom’s present nor wrapped anything for others.

I am getting my abscessed tooth pulled tomorrow morning… and am hoping I feel okay to run errands, get mom a present, pick up some groceries, etc. before the freezing wears off!

Our dinner for 6 + 1, is now 9 +1 (the +1 is a 3-year-old)… who knows, it may increase again before next weekend.

I’ve got one more Christmas gig on Saturday afternoon, then my day-job Christmas Party for dinner on Saturday (which I have to make a couple of dishes for) …  Sunday is get the last chance to get the baking and candy done as I have to get my sister’s presents on the bus so it will get there before Christmas.  I have to work all week – we close at noon on Friday.

I am really really really looking forward to my week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day… I’ll get to do housework, attack the basement carpets with my new Dyson, get my old computer stuff on Freecycle, put away decorations, clean up my studio, get packed up for a production of Snow White opening in January and do a whole year’s worth of bookkeeping in a two or three-day blitz.

I went to buy more ink for my printer on Monday night… I have an 8-year-old Lexmark colour printer.  I can’t get drivers anymore so can’t use it with my new laptop.  I have to use my old messed up laptop and fight with it to print things.  I ran out of black ink so happened to remember that when I was out so stopped at Staples.

Staples has this huge banner over the ink cartridges saying “Guaranteed to be here when you need it!”  Guess what… out of stock.  The two-pack I usually buy was $95.  So I said to the kid that checked to see if there were any left that I was thinking of getting a 4-in-1 since I couldn’t get drivers anymore to load on my new laptop.

They had an HP wireless 4-in-1 on sale for $69!  So I bought it.

******************* I had typed a whole lot more about my computer saga… but it vanished.  WordPress locked on me and wanted me to log in and everything I’d typed for the last 40 minutes was gone…. and I don’t feel like reconstituting it right now.********************


2 thoughts on “Christmas… OMG it is next weekend!

  1. I`ve returned opened ink – it was `faulty` but Staples replaced it no problem. You could try to return it.

  2. I’m so glad to hear how busy you are and hope that you get everything done that you’d like to, Shannon!
    I have a tale of horror to share on my All-in-One HP that I bought a while back (2007?). I just spent $100 on ink for it and opened the packages and put them into it, only to find that I now have an “ink system has failed” message of doom! This might not bother me, since the machine doesn’t owe me much after the amount of time that I’ve had it, but it really bothers me that I’ve wasted the money on the ink that I don’t believe I can return now, since it’s been opened. Grrr.
    Take care, and remember to get some rest sometime in there on your holiday “break”! 😉

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