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It’s been busy and I still have a way to go before I get a break.  I’m taking off time from the day job between Christmas and New Year’s so hope to get to all those things that I haven’t been able to get to… like everything.

Sunday was my first full day off in three weeks.  I spent it doing laundry, sorting recycling, stripping and making beds, cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming (with my new Dyson!), cleaning my kit, repacking my kit, getting out the Christmas tree, decorating, getting everything ready to start making candy, making stock, along with making bacon pancakes for breakfast and pulled chicken sandwiches for dinner.

I managed to over toast the whole almonds… not burn them, but they are really dark.  Luckily my sister loves them that way so she’ll get a LOT of almond bark this year.

Tonight I got all my barks made: well-done almond & chocolate, white choc cashew, and white choc candy cane cashew.  Tomorrow… the brittles!

We will be spending New Year’s Eve with friends this year which is nice for a change.  Usually we just make a whole lotta appetizers and graze all night until the fireworks.

I signed up for three gift exchanges online this year and got all my parcels sent off.  I’ve received one myself already – it contained Tribble Treats!! Made out of dehydrated Tribbles and white chocolate.  Really good!  I’m going to try to find some Tribbles (remarkably like Chex cereal… ) to make my own version.

This weekend I’ve got a two-painter party on Saturday and a four-painter party on Sunday.  And mom and I are going to a show at the theatre on Saturday evening.  Then I’ve got a party north of town next Saturday, then that evening my day-job company party.

Then I hope for a day to get all my Christmas stuff finished up!

Oh and in the middle of this I have to get my tooth pulled… that is scheduled for next Thursday.

We’ve been having fantastic sunsets this week.  Here is a photo taken by a local photographer, Rob Wiebe, of the sunset on Monday… and yes, this is exactly what it looked like, this photo isn’t enhanced – it is what I saw!


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