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[big sigh]

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Well… my tooth abscess has not cleared up… I’m on my second course of TWO different antibiotics and it is still swollen and … well, icky.   I’ve got an appointment to have the tooth pulled for December 15th but that’s another three weeks… not sure I’ll make it.  But my dental coverage kicks in on the 1st so I may have to try to get an emergency appointment.  As it is I will be calling my dentist’s office again in the morning as I am on the last of the antibiotics.

The day-job has asked me to work fulltime – I was working three days a week.  Which is fine but I actually was liking the weekdays off!  It gave me a chance to work on my own business and run errands, make appointments.  But knowing there will be more, and guaranteed, income is great.

Do you realize it is a month until Christmas Eve?

I got one of my Christmas gift exchange gifts sent off yesterday.  I’m in two other exchanges but they haven’t given out the names yet…  I love participating in exchanges!  It is fun getting things together to send people… and it is fun getting surprises in the mail too!


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