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The economy must be on the upswing

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I’m not sure how the rest of the world measures economic recovery but from my perspective it is looking excellent!

I’ve always had a solid client base in the oil & gas field and in forestry… but when the economy went nuts a couple of years ago I noticed that a lot of the smaller companies weren’t holding their events or if they were, they were scaled back and cut out the extras – like me.

But this year, they are all booking/booked.  And I’ve picked up several new clients in the same industries for their family events.

I am now booked solid until Christmas.

Today was a day off (I do have them occasionally) so I made a bank run, took my mukluks and both directors chairs to the shoemaker (all need some repair and re-stitching), did some Christmas shopping for several gift exchanges I am involved in this year (used a $25 gift certificate I won for a “stuff” store from Q99 – love that radio station!), checked out a candy store (very cool – lost of retro candy!) and a toy store then stopped at an art store that is having a moving sale to get some brushes.

Came out of the last store to a blizzard that lasted as long as it took me to get to my car parked down the street.  Then drove through three blocks of freezing rain, then back into a blizzard… by the time I got home it was up to -8C and blue sky so I cleared the driveway.

I was disappointed in the stuff store that I had the gift certificate for… a few friends had raved about it.  I was pleased to have won the gift certificate as I otherwise would not have bothered to check it out.  As I needed to get $20 gifts for a work gift exchange I picked up a couple of items after wandering around the whole place twice.  NOT cheap and IMO overpriced but with $25 off I was pleased enough.



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