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And the Christmas Parties are starting

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Seems like Christmas parties are getting earlier every year.  I’m pretty sure it is because of the venues around town being booked up so people just book when they are available, which is November.  I’m booked for quite a few but still have a couple of open dates between now and Christmas Day.

I’ve got my first company party this Friday.  I’m not expecting any Christmas requests…

I have a sheet of Christmas/seasonal designs that I add to my boards/book at this time of year in addition to my usual display photos.  I use my Christmas themed Design Idea Sheet (you can purchase this laminated and use it too!)

I have extra copies on hand for jobs where I have a crew working so we can all refer to it when the kids are stumped for ideas… not sure why this happens and my display has about 140 images to look at and choose from… but there ya go.  Kids are weird.

The snow started yesterday.  Cleared my driveway and walk twice already… I’ve been attempting to get someone booked to clear it for us as I just can’t manage it.  Being outside with mom in the house for that long is a problem as I can’t hear her call, AND… I suffer.  Last night, after clearing it with a push shovel, I woke up with horrible cramps in my upper thighs from kicking the shovel up to knock the snow off.

Tonight I finally got a guy booked and prepaid for four clearings.  We call him when we want it done.  I will see how that works.

In honour of the upcoming season I thought I would share a design of mine.  First time I painted this was on Cat Finlayson-Wilkins at the UK Face & Body Painting Convention in 2007.  I re-did it as a step-by-step in 2009 with a bunch of others for a magazine, but sent the others without submitting this.

It is a cute design… I like it.  Similar to the very popular Rudolph design, but in Moose form (more common in my part of the country than flying reindeer.)  It works well with the nostrils being the moose’s nostrils, and the whole nose being his head.

And I am particularly impressed by how I incorporated my eyebrow as his ruffled fur and the wrinkles under my eye as fur texture…  damn I’m good.  🙂


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