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I haf a toof ake


I’m not a happy person right now.

I had a root canal back at the end of June… it was painful at the time, more than the other two root canals I had over a decade ago.  The dentist gave me a script for Tylenol 3 for pain, which I used.  It took a couple of weeks for the pain to go away.  The hot/cold sensitivity was gone and for several weeks I was pain-free.

Then in August I started having sporadic pain in the tooth… biting was occasionally painful.  I would wake up with the tooth aching – apparently I clench my teeth.

As September came and went the tooth became steadily painful and chewing was getting problematic.

I had purchased my own medical/dental coverage that was effective Sept 1, but the dental isn’t effective until Dec 1.  So I was trying to tough it out until December.

Most of October I was in continual pain and started making soft food for our meals – casseroles, mashed turnips or pumpkin, mashed potatoes and sausage, hash browns…

But… last Wednesday I realized that my gum was very swollen around the tooth, particularly on the front – this is my back bottom left molar.  In order to get a look at it I got a tiny flashlight and stuck my finger in my cheek to pull it away from the gum and angle the flashlight so I could see it.  As I pulled my cheek out… the swelling burst… YUCK!

Crap crap crap….  hot salt water rinse… repeat.

First thing Thursday morning I phoned my dentist and they fit me in right away.  So I headed over.  He gave me a prescription for Amoxicillin and wanted to send me to Edmonton for a consult on the root canal – there were only two roots and most people have three and he thought he may have missed one.  At the time he did it he really looked for a third, even consulted text books.

Seeing as I don’t have dental coverage at the moment I declined going for consult and asked why not just pull it?  He said to get the antibiotics and go back to see him again today.

So today I woke up in the worst pain yet.. earache and sinus pain as well as the tooth being so painful I can’t close my jaw…

Saw the dentist this afternoon… the swelling is more than it was and still icky.  He gave me a prescription for a different antibiotic, metronidazole, and additional amoxicillin… and if I can’t hold on until December he will extract it in pieces… fun.  The reason to wait is for the infection to clear up as freezing may not take with the abscess…

I am not into having a tooth pulled without being chemically numbed.

I already had an appointment for Dec for a cleaning and checkup so we added on the extraction to that appointment… if I can last that long.


2 thoughts on “I haf a toof ake

  1. Praying you get some relief soon! NOT fun!

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