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5 Alarm Project… Final Photos

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I have now got copies of the final images from Don Zwicker’s 5 Alarm Photo Project photos.  Don sent me a bunch of other shots too that he didn’t choose to use.  Some are really great shots which I may share in a later post.  For now, here are the final shots. All Photograph Rights Reserved by Don Zwicker

First theme was “Scenic” – this was taken at Sulphur Gate near Grande Cache, Alberta.  I did the make-up, prosthetics and hair.

Second theme was “Romance” – shot at a local spa.  I painted the heart.

Third theme was “High Fashion” – shot at a local cell tower.  I designed and made the costume and accessories, and did the hair, make-up and special effects.

Fourth theme was “Horror” – shot in my backyard!  I did the monster make-up and hair.  I also made the head Frank is holding years ago for the play “Dracula”.

The fifth theme I wasn’t able to assist with due to scheduling – trying to get models, photographers, assistants, etc. all arrive at a location at the same time has got to be the biggest headache on the planet!  Here is Don’s shot for it:

Fifth theme was “Movie” – Don went with The Aviator.

So those are the five final photos that were part of the show at the Centre for Creative Arts a month ago.

I really enjoyed the whole project and collaborating with Don on it.  And am really happy with the final product and having possession of the images too!


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