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Done and done

I’m sitting here dozing off in my recliner with my laptop on my lap… head keeps bobbing and I jerk awake again.  It is windy and sunny out so we are expecting about normal amounts of trick or treaters.

Last year we had about 160 full-size chocolate bars and only gave out about 70…. I only ate the last of them in September!!  It was a Skor bar.  This year we only bought what we like – Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat, and Hershey Almond.  So if we get stuck with them… they won’t sit around for a year!

My last appointments were this morning.  A 6 a.m. for dead guy SFX job on a roofer on his way to work and 8 a.m. for a little girl on her way to school as an Ice Fairy.

After they had left I ran to the bank to make a deposit… I love Halloween.  I really mean that.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I went to Costco, Save-On and Safeway… needed to do some stocking up.  I’ve got tomorrow off too and that is clean up the house day… need to clear up the basement and put all my supplies away, do laundry, and all the housework that was neglected for the last week.

I took some photos of what I created this weekend… but, as usual, I neglected to take photos of all of the work… I tend to forget once I get a full waiting room.  So again, I am having my annual DUH! I didn’t get photos of the Bride of Frankenstein – I did her hair too which turned out really well, I didn’t get photos of all the different zombies – and I specifically wanted to for a price list for next year’s zombie crawl, I didn’t get photos of any of the Frankenstein’s I did… One of these years I WILL remember to take photos of EVERYONE!

It is just so stupid… I put up a backdrop, spend money on making one… then, let them get out of the chair and walk right past it to leave the room…. [head -> wall, head -> wall, repeat…]

At least I get SOME photos each year…

What I need to do is get a photographer down there with me all day… bet they’d be lining up to spend 16 hours hanging out in my basement just for the exposure of course… LOL

So for the photos I did manage to take…. Allow me to present:

MAD SCIENTIST for the local haunted house at the park.

A HE-SHE … he’d made his costume which was really great.

A SKULL/PEELED FACE THING – he was dressing in combats.

A SEXY COP ZOMBIE (that doesn’t sound right … somehow LOL )

A SCARY WITCH.  She brought a bag full of prosthetics that she had bought at Value Village – had several different noses, chins, a brow/nose set, warts… All of which were obviously  made for the Big Giant Head as none of them fit on her face.  I ended up cutting down the chin by about half its original length in order to be able to fit it.  The nose wasn’t the one she really wanted to use (which was long and hooked) and I had to cut it around the nostril flares and attach it in two stages to get it to sit right.  When we were starting I asked her if she wanted to be flesh toned or green… she said she wanted green and SCARY…  When I was done it was getting hard to look at her… LOL… I gave her the mirror and she actually jumped and screeched!  I took that as a “job well done”!

AUNT JEMIMA AND HER PANCAKES.  I don’t make these up, I just do their make-up!

From left to right – whipped cream, burned, AJ, blueberries and bacon, and butter.


And one with the girlfriend (she did her own make-up)

AVATAR… I’ve never seen the movie, based it on the packaging of the make-up kit he brought with him.  He had a wig and costume so just told me to go that far and he’d finish – he was a tag along with a last-minute squeeze-in so my next appointments were waiting.

DEAD ROOFER… he fell off the roof onto his head.  This is the same guy that is the EVIL JESTER.  He came twice – this make-up we did at 6 a.m. this morning.  He was heading to work… and he had blood all over his truck and body parts hanging out of the tailgate… some people really get into Halloween don’t they???

I did some stuff on his arms too… he fell through a tree and bounced off the side of the building before hitting the ground… or something…

And I’ve already got six bookings for next Halloween.

Last night I face painted at a Libyan Freedom Party… most of the kids got their face and an arm painted.  And they wouldn’t let me leave without a plate of food… I took some thin cabbage roll type of vegetarian dish, rice with raisins and almonds, orange coloured chicken pieces, and chicken thighs with spices on top, and several desserts.  OMG… it was all delicious.  I split it with mom and she liked it too… wish I had really piled up the plate with those veggie rolls, they were awesome!  Spicy with lots of flavour.  I’m going hunting recipes now.

We are now, or I mean, I am jumping up every few minutes to give out chocolate bars.  I think the mummy in the window is attracting more kids this year.  But they better stop coming when Castle starts!