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National Pizza Month

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One of the local morning radio shows, Paul & Pike on Q99, was making a big deal out of October being National Pizza Month.  They challenged people to submit their weirdest pizza toppings, ones that they would be willing to eat, on air.

Well, not one to pass up a challenge… I put a lot of thought into it and posted on their face book page.  I thought they weren’t considering entries until Wednesday and I posted my list of toppings on Tuesday morning:

Hmm… how about, deep-fried onion rings, pork rinds, maraschino cherries (drained and patted dry first!), garlic sausage (sliced), black olives, English Toffee (chopped up Almond Roca would work), and red bell peppers (NOT hot ones.)

Then, yesterday, I get a call at work… from Paul… and I knew I had been chosen.  He asked that I be at the station for 7 a.m. THIS morning to eat MY pizza, made by Charles from the Crown & Anchor Pub, on air, in front of witnesses.  The reward for doing this was pizza, wings and beer on Charles at the Crown for my crew.

So… all night I was visualizing eating this pizza… since I had thought it out first I knew I could handle it.  Meat goes fine with fruit/sweet sauces so I wasn’t worried about the garlic sausage, the cherries, the peppers, olives, even the pork rinds (those were just for effect)… but … the English Toffee… that was the wild card.

So I arranged for Amy to arrive early, got up extra early, got mom up early… did NOT eat or drink anything (I needed to be hungry) and toddled over there, after making sure my cell phone was operational as I had to call up to the booth so one of the guys could let me in.

Randy (the Pike in Paul & Pike) let me in and then they asked that I watch for Charles with the Pizza… so I went down and let him in when he arrived.

I was expecting a personal sized pizza or a small… no, he brought a LARGE…

And… amazingly it was a VERY yummy looking, attractive pizza.  It even smelled good!

So once the guys were done with the news, weather etc. we got to go into the control room.  I took photos of the guys, to prove I was there…

This is Paul

This is Pike (Randy)

And this is Charles who made the pizza

So, live, on radio I ate a piece.  Paul filmed it.

You can read their blog here with all the details.

So I ate the one piece required, Charles and I exchanged cards (I need to call him to set-up my “prize”) and they made me take the pizza home.

I ate two more pieces for breakfast with a couple of cups of coffee… it really was a pretty good pizza… but the toffee was a mistake.  As it cooled it got really stiff and sticky and made biting through difficult.

No one at home would have any, and none of my friends wanted me to save them any… so, sad to say, since it was garbage day… the rest hit the bin.

Thanks Paul & Pike, Charles and Q99… that was fun!

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

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