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High Fashion Borg

Here are a couple of shots I took of the model for another of Don Zwicker’s shoots in the 5 Alarm Photo Project.  The theme for this one was High Fashion.  Don wanted to use cell phones to create a statement and set the shoot somewhere that fit.  He did the shoot at a cell tower (after getting permission from the company).

I coined the name “High Fashion Borg” as she is partially assimilated… seeing as the electronics are plugged into her.

Don scrounged up boxes of cell phones, wires and bits of computer guts.  I used mostly cell phones that we tore apart… which was NOT easy.  Motorolas are HARD to break!

With this theme I designed and created the whole costume, hat, accessories, put them on her, did her hair, make-up and all the fiddly bits.  I discovered the joys of contact cement (which ended up not being as great as I thought as the phones on her boots fell off during the shoot!)

I used a set of bunny ears to make the “fascinator” attaching a CD, cassette tape, video tape, wire from phone cords, little bits of cell phone guts and a bit of gold ribbon.  The corset was painted with liquid latex, cellphone keypads attached to the bra cups, cell boards down the front of the corset, cassette tape as fringe along the top, video tape along the bottom for a skirt, wire glued to ribbon squares, wire casings “plugged in” to parts of her, parts of cell phones were directly attached to her, made jewellry out of cell components and electrical wire. I glued cell phones to the heals of the boots, added fringe to the tops and glued keypads over the toes.

A screen from a cell phone was glued in the middle of her forehead (Don’s idea) it cracked in handling and created a third eye!

This next one is a photo taken by William Vavrek of Don’s photo at the show… I still haven’t got my copies from Don.  This will at least show you the final, finished shot.

I worked on that costume for several weeks… had to wait for latex to dry overnight for each coat and then making the hat, etc.  Was fun to do.  And the model ended up with a costume for Halloween!