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Groovy Grannies

Saturday night was, again, crazy time in my basement.  Naomi and her crew came over to be aged into little old ladies to celebrate a birthday or two pub crawling.  These girls are the same group that did the zombies with a couple of new gals added to the crew.

They go all out… costumes, padding, accessories, even one of them wearing a real Depends… and the props… they bought canes at Dollarama for $2, one of them was a cat lady and was carrying one of those fat mini photo albums FULL of photos of her kitties that she stuck in everyone’s face, they had birthday banners and badges… and one of their mom’s bet they wouldn’t be able to get anyone to kiss them.  They took the bet … I have no idea of the outcome.

Naomi used washable markers to give everyone varicose veins and spider veins.  it was very effective.

So here are some shots I took… they are going to pubs so the lighting won’t be great so I did the make-up theatre style…

Group shot.

All ready to hit the bar, with purses and coats.

The wigs were from my collection (with the exception of the Cat Lady’s, she had bought one for herself that worked great).

They each had their own persona for their granny:

Trailer Trash Granny

Trailer Trash Granny over does her make-up, still… and is always looking for an ashtray, but misses as she won’t put down her can of beer.

Society Granny

Society Granny is well dressed and well-preserved.  She is well made-up… but she’s a little off.  She gets her skirt stuck in the waistband of her Depends and doesn’t realize it.

Fitness Freak Granny

Fitness Freak Granny had exercise equipment with her, wearing yoga pants and workout shoes.  She’s a fit old bird.  Wears her wig like a toque.

House-Granny (fresh cookies always available)

House Granny is always home and always has fresh cookies to offer you.  She’s “comfortable” to hug and squishy if you squeeze her.

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady granny never married and has lots… LOTS of cats.  She dresses nicely to go out and likes to show off her babies’ photos.

Crazy Granny recently widowed and lovin' it!

Crazy Granny is having a ball.  Her husband recently died and she’s finally enjoying herself without worrying about getting crap.  She’s loud and not afraid to go after she’s decides she wants… she’s really nuts and a little crude.

The aftermath in my basement included feathers everywhere, cotton padding fluff, bits of streamer off of noise makers and a full bag of empties… the party started when they arrived here.  Naomi left her car here overnight and they called a cab (that’s what they said they were doing… and her car was here.)