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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s been an interesting couple of months for me.  Big projects, photographers taking good photos, acting and improv, new day-jobs…

Here are some cool things that I’m thankful for:

I told you about the SPCA Calendar shoot in this post in September and the calendar was released last week – I stopped to get one but they weren’t set-up at that location until later in the day so I haven’t got a copy yet, have to get on that this week.  The make-up I did on three beautiful models was glamour pin-up style and it turns out they were for December’s photo…. here it is…

Love the doggies… It’s “the lads” from Magnum P.I.!!!!  And there’s a cool kitty on the table.  The calendar sells for $25 and is a fundraiser for the Grande Prairie SPCA.  The page for it is Shelter Bombshells on Facebook.

Mad Moose Mayhem closed last night after a SOLD OUT run of TWO performances!  Three if you count dress rehearsal.  It was a hoot… just too bad it ended so soon.

WE ROCKED IT!  I love Improv… my mom heckled us – it was taking too long for her, so she said something like “get on with it” so I went over to the edge of the stage, she was in the front row, and ad-libbed… “Mom, I told you could come only if you kept your mouth shut!”  Cracked up the house…

I didn’t get any photos myself but the director did and offered them to us… just waiting to get them.

I hate to admit this but doing my own make-up is frustrating… It freakin’ took me an hour just to do my face with “regular” make-up.  Argh.  I’d rather paint myself as a tiger, a zombie even a bloody butterfly, than wear lipstick… which, by the way, I ate off before I made it on stage.

I ended up using Fardel cream in Emerald as eyeshadow, with shimmer powder from Lisa Rickles in Splendid Green caked on it to set-it, with a bit of MAC Vanilla under the brow, false lashes (I can’t wear mascara), a bit of brown eye liner for under the eye and my brows, and pink lips.  I used some of the powder foundations I normally use for theatre as I can’t stand how the cream and liquids feel – I know, I know… but I’ve never worn foundation for my regular day-to-day life and I really don’t like it! So there!

It is hard… my eyes won’t focus close up, my right eye closes by itself… I don’t want it too, but when I am trying to do things to my left eye, I can’t see because my right eye won’t stay open on its own… stupid eye.  I ended up sticking my left falsie to my lashes and the right one to my lid…  said to hell with it, no one will notice from on stage.

Early last week I suddenly realized that I needed pantyhose to wear with my cocktail dress… I don’t own any.  Haven’t worn a skirt since I moved up here 11 years ago… So I stopped at a drugstore.  Found the right aisle… and then stood there mystified.  NOTHING WAS LABELED AS QUEEN SIZE.  How the hell do you find the sizes?  Thankfully a staff member happened to walk up near me and I asked her… told me they were colour coded… and showed me the chart.   So, I look at the graph chart thingy… follow the grid lines, determine which colour and letter code should fit.  Buy two pair at $10 each.

Next day, dress rehearsal… I open up the package… they seem a little, um, short… and they don’t stretch much, okay the package says they are tights… yeah, they sure are.  So, I manage to get them up, at least as far as they would go… the waist band stopped at the top of my thighs.  I could not get them up over my hips… they were simply TOO SHORT.  According to the package, they should fit.  So… I pulled on a pair of shorts that had a drawstring, tied it off really tight under my “chest area”… they held the “tights” up all night.  Bloody uncomfortable.

So on Friday morning I took both packages back to the store… I knew I would be able to get my money back on the unopened package and was going to make a scene about the worn pair as their sizes were NOT accurate.  However… they were the store label and they guarantee their brand 100% so I got a full refund.

Then went to Pennington’s and bought three pair for $14.99… and they fit.

Due to the order of performance I had five minutes to change from my Improv clothes of cords, Aloha shirt and running shoes into my cocktail dress, jewelry and shoes.  Had to change just off stage right in the wings, in the dark… got some help from Natasha, who was in the same bits with me, to get my dress straight.

The director is hoping to do the show again next year with all new material and I told him to count me in!

The 5 Alarm Photo project I was working on with Don Zwicker has wrapped up now too and Don has promised me a CD of images… just waiting for that too… there are some shots of a couple of the shoots taken by another photographer that was assisting him on my Facebook page.  When I get the images from Don I will put up a whole bunch for you all to see!

And then there was the Wearable Arts Show… I’m still stoked about that!

This coming Saturday I get to make eight or so 20-somethings into old ladies… they are planning to go pub crawling.  Crazy girls – same group that did the Zombies this spring.  Always fun to do them… my basement is a party while they are here!

And my Halloween weekend is booking up nicely.   I will be doing the make-up at Muskoseepi Park’s Haunted House on the Saturday morning and have appointments the rest of the day… I’ve only got a couple of slots still available on Saturday.

Oh, yeah… on more thing.  Yesterday I was asked to be an editor for Brush Strokes Magazine which is a very cool online magazine for face and body artists worldwide.  The subscription is a very reasonable 15 GBP annually and once you subscribe you have access to ALL the back issues!  What a deal!  I’m looking forward to being a part of it.