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Random bits


First… a reminder to everyone that the contest for three of my design sheets closes this Friday.  For contest details check the original post.

Second… I’m panicking… a bit.  Tonight’s rehearsal for Mad Moose Mayhem is the last one before dress rehearsal and I’m still not comfortable without my script in my hand…. I KNOW my lines, I’ve been writing them out longhand over and over, typing them, and running them with mom but I keep blanking out in two spots… argh.

Third… We’ll be having a visitor in November!  Lynne McKay from Glasgow, via Ibiza, is going to come stay with us!  Lynne was a very wonderful hostess to me when I visited Scotland in … was it 2006???  Wow time flies.  Might even put her to work at one of my Christmas gigs.

Fourth… Thanksgiving weekend.  Have company coming for dinner on Monday… I was planning a ham, but mom vetoed it so now pork roast with roasted fall vegetables.  I went to the butcher shop and got them to cut me a special roast – with the fat left on!!  Pork NEEDS crackling!!!

Fifth… Halloween bookings are coming in!  Saturday is getting pretty full up already.  Mostly zombies…

Sixth… the pro photographers that were at the Wearable Arts Show on Saturday have started posting their photos and tagging them on Facebook!  Check out my wall to see them… there are some totally awesome shots!!



2 thoughts on “Random bits

  1. Shannon look to what happens next when you have a blank inyour lines. What is the next person saying or doing. Have that picture in your mind. You’ll be fine Cheers.
    Enjoy your visitor and yor Thanksgiving meal.

    • There are only two of us – dialogue goes back and forth on a clear stage. We are both blanking out in two spots, but different spots… yesterday we were both equally unprepared so at least I won’t be alone! LOL Tomorrow is dress…

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