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Okay people, time for another contest!


With Halloween and Christmas both fast approaching I think the prize for this contest will be my Design Idea Sheets for Halloween, Christmas and Boy Designs.  Three 8.5″ x 11″ laminated sheets each containing sixteen photos of designs I have painted and use on my own displays – that is a total of 48 designs!  The sheets can be used just for inspiration or you can use them for display as is if you choose.

Total Value is $22.50 CAD plus shipping anywhere in the world.

Deadline will be Friday, October 7th at 6 p.m. Mountain Time – that’s two weeks to enter.  And I will make the draw shortly after that using a random generator. That way you should have them in plenty of time to use the Halloween sheet for your Halloween themed events.

Now… what am I going to make you do to enter to win these? Hmmm…

I think this time these will be the entry requirements:

1.  Post a comment on THIS blog post telling me why you would like this prize.  It has to be on this particular post to count. That is one entry.

2. If you haven’t already subscribed to this blog (and you really should you know!) do so.  Only new subscribers will be included. That will be one entry.

3. If haven’t already LIKED me on Facebook, then go and do that, and then come back to this post and tell me you LIKED me on Facebook (I will verify it for the drawing.)  It is easy – I even put a button on the right to take you right there! That will be one entry.

You can enter just one way, or all three ways, or two ways or…  Maximum number of entries from one person would be three – if you aren’t already a subscriber to my blog and don’t like me, yet.

Here are samples of designs from the Christmas sheet (the photos on the sheets are not watermarked but my copyright notice is on the sheet at the bottom):

I have other design sheets with other themes available too. You can check them out here.  I probably will use them too for prizes in another contest… amongst other things.

So… get entering!!  There are only two weeks left!!!


21 thoughts on “Okay people, time for another contest!

  1. i would love to win to help me as i am a new facepainter.

  2. I would love to win, because lets face it- you wrote the book on face painting :0) and I would love the opportunity to be further more inspired by your work!

  3. Hi Shannon, I would love this opportunity to win your sample sheets. I have fallowed you long before you started this. Love your Art. You are a Fabulous Artist. Thanks for letting me try to win some more of your examples. Have a Great Thanks Giving Weekend. D. J. The Face and Balloon Artist. Napanee, Ontario

  4. Oh Shannon – awesome contest! I love your designs – you are an inspiration and I often use your ideas from my databanks (brain) of designs when I’m painting from my noggin. Especially when I’m presented with a challenge from a little (or big) one. Of course, I would not use these on display but keep them stashed away for just such an occasion! I wish you all the best for the Halloween and Christmas season and to your mother also. I am subscribed to your blog and am a huge fan on your facebook page. Blessings from Vancouver! Good luck everyone!

  5. I’d love to get these designs for inspiration. Signed would be a treat as I have a signed copy of your book 🙂

  6. Your work is amazing, I would love to win the design sheets, I have heard it said to be the best, learn from the best, it always amazes me how simply looking at the artwork of others inspires new, imaginative and unique ideas of my own! My talent is not something that comes easily as it is for some, I have to practice very very hard, I have never found something that I have felt passionate about until now, I get bored easily,but with this type of art I look forward everyday to use the skills I acquire from researching and learning from my fellow face and body artist that are truly amazing!I have only been painting for 4 years and am astonished that it only gets better, more fun and exciting! Thank you for creating such beauty, and sharing it with the rest of us! Thanks again ! I have liked you on FB, and Subscribed! 🙂

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  8. Hi Shannon, I am very fresh to the Face & body painting world and I have come across your blog and decided to enter. I would love your picture Prints because it gives me inspiration to know what kind of level my own painting skills are. I basically tripped and fell into the idea of becoming a face painter just recently. I volenteered myself at a local kids event and 2 hours later I had one of the organizers telling me that next year they want to HIRE me. ( I asked if she was crazy lol) she said that she was very very impressed and told me that she hadnt seen anything like it. then a month after that I was doodling on my 6 yr old and a couple of kids in the neighbourhood with my wolfe brother’s paint and next thing I knew I had a women come storming in to my yard and boy I really thought I was in trouble. Turns out the mother of this one child came to ask me point blank… “Why aren’t you doing this professionally?” So there you have it! If they were impressed with what I did and I was only doodling… what could I actually do if I put some effort into it. I am at the very very beginnings of starting up my own business as a face painter and any signage or inspirational tools are extremely helpful. YES I added you on faceBook and I have told you why I would like your prise and Yes I am now a subcriber. My name is Jennifer Lange. btw

  9. I want to win. I have been fallowing your blog and love it I. I am a newbie to FP World and would really love to win you contest. I could really use the design sheets to better my skills . wish me luck.

  10. I would love to win your most generous offer. My kids love it when I paint new and exciting things on them. I also liked you on facebook and signed up for your blog. Very exciting!!!!

  11. This is a first for me. I have never entered in a contest to win any face painting things. I have like you on facebook too. I am a new subscriber. Oh my Im going all out here. You are an inspiration and I thank you for sharing your knowledge. THanks for the opportunity to win.

  12. What a generous soul you are! I would love to win your design sheets – and revel in the inspiration they would bring to me. Your work is beautiful…thank you for offering up this contest.

  13. Awesome contest, and of course I would love to have your designs for inspiration. My only entry will be this post as I already like you on FB and I’m already a blog member 😉 I also ordered The Business of Face Paint yesterday and I can’t wait to get the ebook!

    Face Paint by Celeste

  14. Hello! I only found your blog about an hour ago, but I’m absolutely blown away by your work! I’m just starting out with face painting, with a lovely Snazaroo kit, but I’m trying to learn more elaborate designs.

    I have years of experience as an artist, but feel like I’m a beginner again with face painting, so all the help I can get – the better! Thank you for this awesome competiton.

  15. I live in the outback Northern Territory Australia along way from other painters. Dont really have anyone to jam with so love all the inspiration I can get.
    love trying new styles and ideas to improve my painting. and giving my customers good painting.
    Peachymango on the Face Painting forums

  16. I Love your stuff and you are an inspiration, but this is true for everyone, so that cannot be the reason I should win. I need good professional stuff for my boards…and I love your stuff, and you are an ispiration, but that cannot be the reason either…I want the stuff. Pure, simple, greed. 🙂

  17. Hi Shannon, Thank you for running another competition. Of course I’d love to win your design pages, who wouldn’t?. And I second what Lawrence wrote, could you autograph them please?
    You provide inspiration and resources and advice to new face painters like myself, and your sense of humour and dry wit make reading your forum posts and blogs a pleasure. I already subscribed and “liked” you before, so this is my only entry……….fingers crossed!

  18. Hey there Shannon!! I would love to win your design sheets, as I need to step it up and that would help me or rather give me something to practice that is better than mine!!! I probably wouldn’t be using them out right, but it would help me move on to the next level! Thanks for the opportunity!!

    By the way, I liked you on facebook today also. 2 entries woo hoo!! 🙂 Face Painting Party is the account I liked you with. (I think)… 🙂

    I thought I already subscribed, but I subscribed again, cuz it said I hadn’t…

    Love your work, love to learn from you,……..

    Skidzz the artist!

  19. Shannon, who wouldn’t want your awesome designs! As a newer face painter, I know I could use all the inspiration I can get! Thanks for all your info and support here and on Face Paint Forum!

    –Melissa (aka the Painted Otter)

  20. I see your Artwork on the Snazerroo packages and brouchers. I use my own designs but I sure would like to win your design pages. Maybe you could autograph them for my collection if I win. Great idea for a contest. There are so many face painters and very few face artists.

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