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I’m… so… tired…

September is traditionally a slow month for me make-up/face painting wise.  This year I’m booked to paint at the Wembley Demolition Derby on the 17th for five hours.  That was/is it for bookings so far.

I worked Sunday from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday.  Not something I’m used to… been a long time since I stayed up that late.

On Monday afternoon I got a call from a photographer who was desperately looking for someone to do SFX make-up for a shoot that evening (the artist she had booked cancelled due to illness).  At the time of the call I was scrubbing the upstairs toilet… so I grabbed the phone from mom when it rang and took the call while scrubbing… have to love speaker phones!

As I couldn’t leave mom and it was very late on a statutory holiday, I told her I could do it as long as she came to me.  So she booked for 7 p.m.  She told me that I’d probably get another call from another photographer doing a shoot who had the same artist booked for that afternoon.

Shortly after the other photographer called.  They were on location with three models, and dogs, and hair stylist, at a local club and really needed someone to go to them.  I explained I wasn’t able to.  Also, it was a calendar shoot for the SPCA and was volunteer.  I said I was sorry but I couldn’t be there but they were welcome to come to me as I was not that far away and that I would discount my rate by 50% as it was a charity project if they wanted my help.  She thanked me and said they would keep looking as they really needed someone there.

A little later she called back to say they would take me up on my offer as they were not able to find anyone.  So they brought over the first model before her hair was done, then brought over the other two later after their hair was done.  All were glamour pin-up style make-ups.  I really am looking forward to seeing the calendar!

Then the other photog and model came and I “beat up” the model – black eyes, bruising, scratches, blood and boot prints.  The boot prints were my idea at the last-minute… she was a victim of domestic homicide so I thought she probably got stomped, so I grabbed my winter boots, dusted the bottom with black powder and pressed it onto her shirt and arms… it worked great!!

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings I attend rehearsals for Mad Moose Mayhem for a couple of hours so have to arrange care for mom.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with the gal who worked for us as a casual care aide for mom. She had gone home from College for the summer and had said she would be willing to come back to look after mom in the Fall.  College started last week so we were hoping to hear from her – I’ve sent email and left a message on her cell.  So far haven’t got a response.

If I don’t hear from her this weekend I’m going to have to post an ad to hire another casual aide for the evenings and weekends.

I was laid off  July 22nd from my full-time job.  I was applying and getting interviews for full-time jobs but wasn’t getting them, so decided to try part-time.  I started a part-time office job on Aug 19th which is usually three days a week.  It wasn’t enough to cover household expenses so I accepted another casual job at a conference centre as concession/kitchen staff (that’s where I was working on Sunday night).

I worked Tuesday to Friday at the office, and today and tomorrow at the conference centre.  Then M-W-F at the office next week, and Tuesday and Thursday at the conference centre, Saturday is five hours of face painting, then out to the conference centre for a gala until god knows when… The chef told me I could work as many hours as I want next week as they are prepping for a massive gala.

I’ve put a big X through the 18th… I’ll need a day of rest.