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Autumn Rambling

So, it is September.   Kids are back in school.  Leaves are turning colour.  Nights are cooler and damper.  Flowers are starting to die off and the rhubarb’s gone limp.

My shoulder is actually feeling better (KNOCK ON WOOD) however the entire arm has been aching since last night.  I think filing is dangerous.

I know, technically, it isn’t Fall until September 22 but around here the trees have been changing colour for about a month.  We had frost yesterday morning in the low parts of the lawn and on the stumps around the Viking grave in the backyard.  The air is getting that musty smell and the leaves are falling and blowing down the road.

As of September 1st we now have curbside pick-up for recycling… now I just have to remember to buy the transparent blue bags to put the recyclables in.  They’ll take everything except glass and styrofoam so I’ll still need to take that over to the Eco Centre.  And I want to take the refundables there as they are donated to local charities every month.

I spent today getting some cleaning done, vacuuming up and downstairs, laundry, washing up kit and putting away stuff from the photo shoots last week.  Still have to get the bathrooms done, but it is a long weekend…

I’m pondering things too…

Like, does ANYONE like the smell of Axe?  I loathe it, everyone I know loathes it… why is it still around?  It is the most gawdawful smelling stuff… there was a twit at work who would lock himself in the washroom at the bakery (it was the only bathroom we had on that side of the building) and spray it even after being told not to, repeatedly… it was to cover the smell of the pot he was smoking… not the, you know, other smells.  He was terminated when they figured that out BTW.

And, why do we shed so much hair?  I swear I sweep up enough of mom’s aide’s hair to stuff a sofa on a weekly basis… and she still has a lush head of it.  Her hair is long and dark so it is everywhere in the house trapping the dust bunnies… mom and I have very short hair so it isn’t so obvious.  I have to empty my vacuum EACH time I use it as the hair clogs up the canister.  And, I have to pull long strands out out the laundry when I unload the dryer… how the hell does her hair get woven through our underwear????????

And, where are those flies coming from?  Every afternoon for a week (up until last Thursday) at about 3 p.m. flies were appearing in the house – those ones with the shiny green bodies.  They were heading for the screens on the bay window and were slow and groggy enough that I killed every damn one of them – about 20 per day, sometimes just grabbing them in a tissue, sometimes with the fly swatter.  All were full of eggs so made a bit of a mess when I splatted them on the screens… WHERE were they coming from???

And, why did I put my white fuzzy bathroom mat in with the green door mats?  Now my bathroom mat is a light olive-green…

And, I wonder if I will get enough apples off my tree to make an apple pie?  There were 31 (three different varieties) but one got knocked off during the photo shoot, so there are still 30 on the tree… one branch is nice sized yellow apples, one appears to be red crab apples, and the third branch is a size between the other two and getting a bit red at the moment.   The other two branches haven’t produced any fruit yet.  This tree is a 5-in-1.  The yellow apples are on the third year, and the other two are first year.  I’m hoping next year we’ll get all five varieties.

And… why is that spider staring at me…