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Just been cast in a production… and NOT as the Fairy Godmother

I attended an audition today for a variety show called “Mad Moose Mayhem – An Epic Variety Show” and the director just called and offered me a scripted role and asked me to be part of the improv troupe “The Mad Moose Maniacs.”  There are going to be two performances – Oct 7 & 8.

It is going to be a true variety show with vaudeville routines, singing, scripted skits, and improv/theatre sports.

I’m quite excited as 1) I love improv, 2) I get to play someone other than The Fairy Godmother (which I love to do… but…) and 3) I’ll be working with a lot of my friends.

Oh, and I think I’m probably going to be doing some make-up too… there is a serpent in one skit and I was asked if I had green make-up…

I’m going to audition for Snow White And the 7 Dwarfs too.  The auditions for that are Sept 10… I’d like to be the mirror, but the housekeeper is a good part as well…  That show runs in January and I am already confirmed for doing the make-up and hair.

Oh yeah, this morning I did make-up for a wedding.  I was booked to arrive at 9:30 a.m. and make-up seven people… the wedding was being held outdoors at the groom’s parents rural property.  Gorgeous house… and lots of  dogs: two English Springer Spaniels, a Chinese Crested Hairless with her topknot dyed pink, and a small dark hairy lapdog… not sure what breed.

The hairdresser was finishing off the first bridesmaid as I arrived so it flowed really well.  I ended up doing eight – bride, four bridesmaids, both moms, and the groom’s grandmother. They all looked gorgeous… The wedding was at 2 p.m. and I was out of there about 1:40.  Which worked great as I was able to attend the auditions!

Tomorrow I have a birthday party booked and Monday am doing up a model for a photoshoot – hair, make-up and costume I’ve manufactured.