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Fall is just about here

Summer season is coming to an end.  Next weekend I’m booked up, and then… the typical September slump.  It is the same every year… I think it is a combination of school starting, weather changing and people just not planning things as they are busy.

On the plus side I got my first Halloween booking – a zombie, of course.  And there is a Zombie Walk on Sept 3… hope to either being doing make-up or maybe participate.  🙂 Would be funny to make-up mom and roll her around town…

Theatre season starts up in September but I don’t necessarily get booked for all the shows… this year I’m booked for three shows starting in January.  I’m thinking about auditioning for a couple shows too this year!  The ones where I don’t have to actually act, but be silly… I’m not shy and have no problem embarrassing myself.  I’ve played the Queen of Hearts in Alice and also have been The Fairy Godmother three times now (in three different shows)… I think I’m being type cast.

Yesterday was one of my annual fairs.  They got some extra funding so hired me for five hours this year… Mom came along and washed my brushes for me as she does at most of the public events I do.  It was a long day.  It was in Hythe which is about a 45 minute drive from here, then we set-up, painted without a break until the end of the event (turning away dozens,) then packed up, headed home, went through the car wash and stopped to deposit my cheque before getting home.  All without a bathroom break… for either of us – which is a minor miracle 🙂

Oh, almost forgot!  I got one tip yesterday… from one mom, for one kid… $20.  That was really nice.

I think I painted at LEAST 50 skulls… masses kitties and dozens of dalmations… and not a single Spiderkid!

We discussed picking up dinner but didn’t… so dinner was Eggo Waffles with a fried egg and a veggie burger patty and a bit of shredded tex-mex cheese… stacked.  Was pretty good… mom had her’s smothered in ketchup (as usual.)

Is my life exciting or what?