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Cool beans… got a photo from the shoot

Remember my post about the photo shoot I did out on a cliff… if not you can read it again (or for the first time)  HERE

I was on the phone with the photographer today and he asked if I’d like a photo.  He’d taken a series of headshots between the different locations, that the store that loaned him the jewelry and I could use, right away.  Of course I immediately said YES PLEASE and made sure I could post it.

So, here is a nice shot of the character I created for this shoot… sort of elvish vibe about 1/16th Klingon… I’m very pleased with it…(just a couple of minor things that I would love to fix, but hey… that’s what Photoshop is for… and I may deal with it later…)

Photo by Don Zwicker, all rights reserved (meaning DO NOT copy or repost, thank you!)