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WOW, what great customer service!

Yesterday morning disaster hit the Fennell house.  Our Keurig kwit!

This is the one I blogged about here, bought January 2nd of this year… been using it everyday since, not a problem at all.  Then, yesterday morning, I turned it on… didn’t make the usual noise of filling the water and heating it, odd I thought, then the “ready to brew” lights and message appeared right away.  That was also strange as usually it moves the water in from the reservoir, heats it, then says it is ready.  But, whatever.

So I put in mom’s Nantucket blend, put her mug under it and hit the size selection… then it moves the water from the reservoir… WTF??  So I stood and watched… it took a bit to heat up but then it started … um, took forever and only produced about a half-inch of coffee in the bottom of the mug?  So… hoping it was just some sort of hiccup, I opened and closed on the same k-cup and hit the button again.  Same thing… another half-inch of coffee… it was pretty potent so I added some hot water to it for mom as she likes her’s pretty mild.

I got the manual out of the cupboard and went to the trouble shooting section… there was the topic about only making part of a cup.  So I followed the directions… cleaned out the holes in the dispenser assembly, ran water through… it produced almost a full mug on the largest size setting, so I tried to make myself a cup… nope, wouldn’t produce actual coffee with a k-cup, but would put water through, but only on the largest cup size.

So I continued with the trouble shooting, which was to de-scale it.  I had to fill the reservoir with pure white vinegar and then run it through the machine, twice… and then let it sit for 4 hours, then run a full reservoir of clean water through to rinse it.

I don’t think it needed de-scaling as we have only used bottled water (filtered water we have delivered as the city water here is horrid) so there should be no scale to be de’d.  But I follow directions well…

Then once that was all done… I tried to make coffee again this morning.  Still not working.

Next step in the trouble shooting guide was to call Customer Service at their 1-866 number.

It was answered pretty quickly by a man who very sincerely apologized for me having this problem, then took all my information and in the process of asking for my email address asked if I was a realtor or an artist.  I said artist and he said that people with their name as their domain are usually either realtors or artists.  So I told him I was a make-up artist/face & body painter … and you know what?  He knew who I was!  He said he has my book, Your Face or Mine!  Is that amazing or what?  He is a photographer and does his own make-up.

That was so cool!

Anyway, he put me through to a specialist who would help with the problem.  She came on the line very quickly, again, sincerely apologizing for this problem.  She talked me through another cleaning step of the needles in the lid (with the machine unplugged… very important!)  Then I had to fill up the water reservoir again and get a measuring cup.  She had me run the cycle three times and let her know the volume of water being put through.

We didn’t get more than 1 3/4 ounces on any try.  So, she says, we will send you a new machine, it will be a newer/better model and it should arrive in 3-7 business days.  Wow, cool.  And all I have to do is send in the cup assembly as proof of ownership back to them in Brunswick, Georgia (the state not the country.)  The new machine will have a new one year warranty too, not just the balance of this one’s.

I am very pleased with the customer service from Keurig.  Very.

UPDATE:   Our new brewer arrived yesterday (Aug 18) by FedEx… they left it sitting on the stoop on top of a pile of ant poison, so I didn’t bring the box into the kitchen.  Unpacked it in the garage.  It is a “Special Edition”, it is quieter than our old one, and fills the internal reservoir with a lot more water at a time.  Happy Dance!!!