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A contest! Really? Yes, Really!!

I’ve decided to run a little contest in honour of me giving into the dark side and opening a business page on Facebook… I was very vocal about NOT ever ever ever joining Facebook.  What can I say, I caved  into pressure, the demon gin and tonic, and lots of nagging…

So to make amends to the universe I am going to give away a signed personalized (wow, are you thrilled or what?) copy of my book “Your Face or Mine” together with a copy of each of my Designs & Templates CDs,  Volume 1 & Volume 2, total retail value $45/CAD plus shipping and postage which will vary depending on what country the winner is in and whether Canada Post is on strike… you know, the usual.

Now… how can you win these fabulous (modesty is not my strong suit) prizes?

Step 1. Subscribe to my blog – it is easy.  Just check out the right side column and under that bald guy at the top there is a spot where you can enter your email to subscribe. That’s one entry.  If you would like TWO chances to win the draw, go to Step 2 for the “bonus entry.”

Step 2. BONUS ENTRY: Check out my Facebook business page and Like it (please, like me, really really like me….) That’s easy too.. just click on the link in the right side column to my Facebook page, then after you’ve been awed and amazed, post a comment on this post to let me know you Liked me, you really really liked me (sorry, I seem to be channeling Sally Field).  The comment has to be posted on this specific blog post to count.

That’s it.

If you already liked my FB page, just post a comment on here to let me know and you’ll be in the draw.  You have to let me know though or it won’t count.  All entrants must complete Step 1, Step 2 is optional.

None of the information provided will be shared with anyone for any reason.

The contest will be open until the August 31st at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Savings Time.  At that time a winner will be randomly chosen and notified (and asked to provide name and address so I can ship the prize to them, naturally.)  The winner will be announced on this blog, Facebook, my website, etc.

Please share the contest with your face painting friends and contacts!

P.S.  Those of you currently subscribed will be included in the draw!!  This time.