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I am now on Facebook

I know, I know… I was extremely vocal about NOT wanting to join Facebook.  I really was not interested in yet another site to monitor and update.  I am on multiple forums, have this blog, a website and other things that I work on daily already …. BUT… I was nagged into it by Anne. LOL

And I have been  noticing that many painters are no longer posting photos and other interesting things on the chats and forums but rather putting them on their Facebook pages.  Chats are getting full of comments about “saw that on your FB” or people saying they’ve put up photos on FB rather than on the chats or even on their webpages.  As I wasn’t on FB I couldn’t see anything unless the settings were wide open and public.  It was getting frustrating.

So, after spending two weeks staying with Anne in the UK, and the constant nagging, I finally set-up a business page on FB.  I’m still resisting setting up a personal one (for now as I should not put myself in another corner by saying never!)

I’ve added a link to my FB page on the right… check it out.  I’m still learning what I can do with it and figuring out how FB works so bear with me.  I still haven’t figured out how to “like” others… I hit the button but FB takes me to a sign in screen???