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Having a lovely time, glad I’m not there

We are almost finished our UK vacation… Having a great time seeing Cornwall and Devon, cream teas, fish & chips, face painting jams, lunches, presents and lots of visiting.  It is now Friday and we fly home on Sunday.  We’re going to drive up to Heathrow and stay at a hotel tomorrow night as traffic can be horrendous and we have to allow for the horrid wheelchair assistance (it took them almost an hour and a half to get us off the plane and through customs when we arrived!)

Here’s a photo from my birthday lunch in Par, Cornwall, this week

I’m in the middle in the purple top with the blue cheese sauce dripped all over it, mom is in the hat holding fresh made Cornish pasties in her lap  that were made by Sarah (the blonde standing on the right), my buddy Anne is standing on the left holding Bella, then Jenny and Mel, and Anne’s mom Jill is sitting beside me on the right.  It was a nice lunch visit with the Cornish face painters!!

On Tuesday Anne drove us to Port Issac which is the setting for the show Doc Martin… we drove through typical English country roads, then didn’t get out as there was no parking up top, so, Anne decided to drive DOWN the hill to the beach (the sign said that beach parking was closed so she interpreted that as there was access…) OMG, that was steep!  Then we were trapped on these teeny tiny streets full of tourists who would not get out of the way… well, they couldn’t as there wasn’t anywhere for them to go!  They were pressing up against buildings to allow us by!  We met other vehicles who had come down the opposite side so we were able to get around each other on the boat slip, and continue on up the hill on the other side!!

We decided to try to find an inn we had passed on the way there but the sat nav was trying to make us go the other way… I’ll post more about this when I can post the photos with it!!