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Tired… sunburned… and pleased


Today was the first of five photo shoots I’m working on with Don Zwicker (the photographer who took the Zombie photos here.)

The model arrived at my place shortly before 7 a.m. this morning – I applied prosthetics, did her hair and make-up and then Don arrived around 7:45 with accessories and additional costume parts.  She had her own costume and footwear to wear.

Don then went to wait for us at the south Timmy’s.  I finished up, then loaded up mom into the RAV4, the model hopped in and off we went to meet the rest of the crew.  Don had recruited two others to assist him.

We then hit the road.  South on Highway 40 to Sulphur Gates … I forgot my camera… yeah, I know, stupid.  Here is a LINK to some photos of the place we were at.

It was a two-hour drive and a bit to get there – two hours on the highway with no traffic at all, then 7 kilometres up a gravel road to the staging area.  We parked there (after I drove up right beside the outhouse for mom to relieve herself) and then carried the gear up the path to the area Don wanted to use.  Mom stayed in the car with her water, her reader, a bag of chips and the radio on.  I told her to lock the door so the bears wouldn’t get in.

Don disregarded the “UNSAFE AREA, DO NOT LEAVE THE MARKED TRAILS” warning signs and had the model and his two assistants on rocky outcrops over steep cliffs while he hopped from one mound of rocks to another over a raging river below… I stayed behind the railing.  I swear that man is part mountain goat.

It has been raining heavily up here the last few days and was VERY overcast.  We drove through rain, in and out, all the way there. I had my jacket in the car but left it there so I hiked up this trail to the site in an Aloha shirt.  Don said I’d need a coat as it would be very windy and be cold… I said I’d be okay.  I was fine.  The wind was intense though.  It was cloudy with occasional bits of sun but generally overcast.  We were out there on the cliffs for two hours… so guess what?

Yep, sunburn… or windburn, either way, I’m very very red… I didn’t wear a hat so my forehead is glowing red, I have a red V on my neck and both forearms are on fire.  I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me that I would be outside for hours, that I should wear a hat, long-sleeved shirt and sunblock… Although Don’s hat did blow away in the wind so a hat may not have been of much use.  But sunblock would have been.  The backs of my hands are getting blistery now too which is how I usually react from exposure to the sun.

The model was a real trooper… she got out there on a bit of rock about a foot wide and posed in wind strong enough to actually lift her up.  They tied a rope around her waist and tied it off to the railing on the path and she clung to the rocks behind her when not actively posing.  She was dressed in rather less than the rest of us and was stuck out on the cliffs in the wind… I could see her shaking with cold from where I was watching from safely on the trail BEHIND the railing.

I have to say that she looked great, the location was awesome and the weather cooperated (it didn’t rain on us while there at all).  We were out there for about two-hours then hiked back to the cars and had some lunch.  I did a bit of touch up to the  make-up and Don took some close-ups in the staging area.

Don then was heading up to another location of Twin Water Falls to take more shots, but it was a rougher road up to it and a longer hike on rougher ground without any facilities so at that point mom and I left them and headed home.

We got home about 4:30 after stopping to fill the gas tank…  Which Don reimbursed me for immediately when he dropped the model off to get the prosthetics removed.

The model said that she had a great time and if I ever needed anyone for body painting or project to let her know.  She was great and she has been early for EVERY meeting and appointment we’ve had on this project… which is very rare in the realm of models.  So I have another great model to add to my “collection”!

As this is all for a project of Don’s I can’t post any photos until it is all finished which will be towards the end of September – we do have four other shoots to do.  And I can’t describe the make-up or costumes in detail either… But come September I will post LOTS!!!!

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Multidisciplinary artist, world traveller, make-up artist, and cheese lover. I follow a low carb lifestyle to keep my diabetes in remission. Canadian expat in the UK.

2 thoughts on “Tired… sunburned… and pleased

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