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I’m getting the hang of this computer

It is taking time, but I am getting this new computer figured out.  I didn’t think there was a photo editor but I discovered one so I was able to edit the photos I took of my display.

This is my Fast Faces display board which I had up when I was painting at the local Cineplex Odeon a couple of weeks back.  I put it together a few years ago when I had a couple major clients ask if I could speed up the painting to handle very high volume events (I blogged about it here.)

I made it myself using one of those science project foam core display boards you can buy at Staples and other office supply stores.  I hunted all over town for fabric that velcro would stick to – I went EVERYWHERE… finally found it at [gasp] the evil empire (aka Wal-Mart).   I think I was being followed as I kept whipping out my velcro to “test” various fabrics!

I also bought some complimentary fabric to use on the board – it was multicoloured butterflies with glitter!!  I used strips of this fabric to trim signs that I then laminated to put on the board.

I then cut the fabric to cover the board, notched the corners and cut out the excess to allow for flat fold overs and adhered it with a spray on adhesive, then sealed the edges with turquoise duct tape.  I reinforced the edges and folds in back with the duct tape too.

I sorted through all my photos to get a selection of ones that I know could paint in under four minutes and then ended up painting myself 17 times on a Sunday afternoon to get more fast designs to use in this display.

The information on this display is placed at the top for the parents and older kids to read, the photos are on the bottom so all the kids can see them.  From the top left going clockwise my signs are as follows: General Disclaimer, event specific Time and Sponsor sign, Title sign with website address, my “Time it Takes” and “Your Decision to Wait” sign, advertising my various other services and contact information,  on the green paper my Age Disclaimer, and finally my Care and Safety flyer with removal instructions, etc. on it.

There are 79 photos on this board… not as many as  on my regular display but more than enough, don’t you think?

Here are photos of the back:

I use acrylic locker mirrors I bought at the dollar store and stagger at different levels so the kids can see themselves without straining.  I post another copy of the time/sponsor sign by the mirrors.

On the back I have mounted some of my press clippings – the parents usually read them while waiting in line.  On the side panel I have one of my body painting postcards, my Advanced Face Certificate and a poster advertising my book for sale.

It is light weight and fairly stable – I use my business card holder and the small acrylic stand to stabilize it a bit in these photos.  It was balancing on two bistro tables and one table wasn’t level.

I use it often now with the high volume events – it is easy to carry and set-up.