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ow ow ow

My dentist had a cancellation yesterday morning so I had a root canal.  This is the third one I’ve ever had done and while it isn’t “fun” I’m not nervous about them.  I don’t remember the last two I had hurting like this one though.  He gave me a prescription for Tylenol 3 – so I got it filled and took one for bed last night.

I still can’t bite down on  that side … and when I accidentally hit the tooth while chewing on the other side of my mouth the pain is intense.  But the really good thing is that the cold/hot sensitivity is gone!!  So hopefully once the bruising and soreness heals up I’ll be able to chew properly.

I remembered to get photos of my Fast Faces display at my Cineplex gig a couple weeks ago but that was when my laptop went klaplewy and I still haven’t got my files moved over to this new computer.  And I discovered that this computer doesn’t appear to have a pre-loaded photo editor… so… will try to get that all figured out.

We’re leaving for the UK on July 1st and I’ve got a photo shoot this Saturday a couple hours south of town in the middle of nowhere and on Sunday will be face painting at a charity walk.  So not a lot of time left to do things before our trip.