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Progress I suppose

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I spoke with my WCB Case Manager today and she told me the results of the MRI… apparently there is a partial tear in one of the muscles, but it won’t need surgery thank goodness!  But there is a “treatment program” that will be implemented once I’ve done the “Functional Assessment” at the physio clinic.

I’ve got an appointment near the end of the month but I’m going to see if I can reschedule it for after we get back from our trip, seeing as I won’t be able to start any sort of “program” until we are back from the UK anyway and three weeks will have passed before I can make any appointments.  Seems logical to wait to be assessed then rather than now.

I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning – my back molar was causing a lot of pain.  The filling was replaced, again – apparently it was replaced 18 months ago for the same reason… (my memory is not what it used to be!) this time the dentist put in a white filling which is harder… when he had drilled out he old, er, previous filling, he discovered that the tooth was cracked right across.  He took a photo to show me the crack… looks like another root canal is on the horizon.  He did the filling and if it doesn’t help… So far the tooth is aching but I’ll give it a few more days for the bruising to heal.

I’ve got a gig Saturday at an annual event I do.  It’s been raining pretty much daily lately and the forecast is for it to continue through the weekend – I’ll be in a tent and they will only cancel if the venue cancels on them.

Only 15 more sleeps until we leave for the UK.  Today Air Canada’s strike was settled so we can relax about any problems with that!

I am still “working on” my computers to get everything functioning the way I want.  I am making some progress but still don’t have photos on this one.

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