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MRI update, computer stress and strikes

So… someone from the Physio clinic (on behalf of WCB)  came to work this morning to assess my workplace and my job. And I have an appointment for a “functional assessment” in a couple of weeks.

The results of the MRI were read to me on the phone by the gal at the physio clinic who booked the appointment – I didn’t understand anything other than osteoarthritis – there is arthritis in the shoulder (my sister told me that when she looked at the scans! She’s a veterinary tech… ) The gal said she could read it to me but could not offer any opinion – so I guess I wait until I see the doctor again to find out exactly what is wrong.

I’m assuming it isn’t torn as no one has said anything about surgery. But the pain is bad again… burning around the socket at the back and my bicep is really bad at times.

Now, onto the next PAIN in my life…

My computer… I bought my Toshiba laptop in April 2007… XP. Lately I get messages from the programs I’m using and the sites I visit telling me that I need to upgrade my browser… so, a week ago I clicked to upgrade to Explorer 8 and all hell broke loose. ARGH!!!

On Thursday I couldn’t log on. All of my profile settings are gone, I get messages that there is “new hardware” – there isn’t, and it is running in a loop of error message and incompatible program warnings.

So, I fire up the OLD computer (bought it in 2004) to get on the net to check my email. I have to use a plug-in antenna to be wireless with this one. It booted up and… I can’t get my security to run and there are A LOT of downloads/updates (I haven’t turned it on for a couple of years!) So I called my ISP and he reset my network settings and we got it running on that old computer… then I told it to update. 47 hours later it finished loading the updates, 8 hours later it finished installing them.

MEANWHILE, on Saturday, I took the laptop to the computer dept I purchased it from to get it looked at. The tech checked it, was able to determine my files were still there and I could get at them, but that there wasn’t anyway to “fix” the problem with losing my profile and settings as it could be anything within it that was corrupted. She got rid of the error messages and new hardware notification so that was helpful. But I still have lost ALL my links, settings and other things… crap.

Basically the computer is old and can’t cope with the new stuff… so I asked what a new one would run. Same size and layout (Toshiba 17″ with full keyboard)… $698. I paid over $1700 for the old laptop.

I asked if the software I currently have would run on the new model – PS CS3 and Office 2007. She thought the Office 2007 would but the PS CS3 probably wouldn’t. [sigh]

She gave me a written quote and I went back to the car with my old laptop. Mom was waiting in the car and we had a brief discussion… end result, I went back in and bought the new one. They were just new in stock. Nice and thin, light, silver and slick… and the screen is brilliant HD, it is like it is backlit!

HOWEVER… I can’t get Office to load, it was an update to my previous Works package, and when I try to load it, it wants the previous version’s disc loaded, so I did, but it tells me that it is not a valid upgrade!! ARGH. I tried to get around it by copying from my external hard drive back-up but it only copies the files, won’t run the program.

My printer is so old there are no drivers available to download anymore (yet I can still buy toner?? WTF??)

I may be forced to purchase a new printer and new Office package – if I want to use this new computer for everything.

So… at the moment I am using the new one for checking email and posting to chats, posting this post, etc. If I want to prepare documents to email I have to do it on the old laptop and use it to email them and/or print them. And all my photos are on the other laptop…

I uninstalled Explorer 8 from the old laptop, so now it is back to Explorer 7 but back to factory settings… I hate having to fiddle around to make things look right again.

I am so annoyed at losing all my links. I had hundreds of bookmarks… a lot of them I don’t think I’ll find again. The ones I used regularly I can Google, but I had all sorts of artist links that I kept when I would run across them – not just make-up related.

Now on to the THIRD pain… Air Canada’s customer service personnel have given strike notice. We are booked on Air Canada for our trip to the UK on July 1st. Mom’s all worried about being able to go on our trip. Great, just great.