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Unicorns are very popular with little girls… and big girls too.  I’ve got a couple of versions that I do.

There is the ubiquitous cheek art rainbow unicorn and the brow unicorn.  My brow unicorn is really popular and very easy to do (it was published in FACE to FACE Issue #45.)

Here is a step-by-step:

Step 1:  Swipe on white with a sponge between the eyes and over the brow in one direction.  Using a brush (I used a round #6) paint the structure of the head in white.  I used Snazaroo white for the sponge and Wolfe white for the brushwork, but you can use any white you have.

Step 2: Continue with the brush and white to fill out the head shape and add some swirls down around the eye down onto the cheek for the mane.

Step 3: Sponge on a bit of colour to add some shading to the neck if you like.  This is purely optional.  Add a few swirls to the mane in the same colour.  I use a flat pink for this.

Step 4: In a contrasting colour (I used a Grimas teal) add some more mane swirls.

Step 5: Using a copper or gold metallic (in this example I used Kryolan Metallic Copper) create the unicorn horn and a few swirls in the mane.

Step 6:  Using a bright contrasting colour (I’ve used a Wolfe UV pink) add in more mane swirls.

Step 7: Using a small brush (I used a #2 round) outline and add detail to the unicorn’s head and some lines to the mane in black.

Step 8:  Using the small brush add some stars and dots in white and paint the lips in a coordinating colour.

I generally use colours from the subjects clothing for the mane’s colours… sometimes I ask them what their favourite colours are if there isn’t much to choose in the clothes. 

And of course, glitter is always optional!  I tend to use a holographic white aka aurora glitter for designs like this to add sparkle without detracting too much from the design.

You could do a bit more like adding colour to the eyelids too if you like.  The way I’ve done it here takes me a couple of minutes.  It is a good design for working fast despite the many colours used as swirls are really quick to do and there is minimal details required.


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