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I get asked to paint monkeys often enough that I’ve got a decent one I can paint very quickly.  A lot of painters say they panic when asked to paint a monkey which surprises me as they are very easy to paint.

I have one in my book Your Face or Mine that is very simple – here is a photo of the design (this photo isn’t in the book… he looks much happier in the book! 😉 )

There is no black or white used in this design at all.

I’ve created lots of monkeys in my time.  This one is a test I did for a parody film I worked on years ago… Convenience Store of the Apes… Squeegee Boy Ape… “get your hands off my car, you damn dirty ape!” 

Face painting them is a little less time-consuming I have to admit!

Here are some done for theatre – I’ve had to paint hundreds of them the last few years… there were monkeys in The Jungle Book and Dr. Doolittle, flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz… monkeys everywhere!

I don’t think I painted these three – it was during The Jungle Book and I spent most of my time painting the main characters.  I did the test paints and took photos to go with the charts that my crew then followed.

I’m pretty sure I painted this one… Kelsey was hamming it up as usual.

This one is the test makeup from Dr. Doolittle.  And it is a Chimp.

Here are several of the chimps in shot from the show… along with the duck and the parrot (Polynesia, photo below), and Dr. Doolittle.

The Jungle Book monkeys are the kind found in India (like in Monkey Thieves on Oasis!) but Dr. Doolittle was in Africa so they are chimps instead.  The colours, you notice, are reversed – dark faces for the Indian monkeys and lighter coloured faces for the chimps.

Gorillas I haven’t had any call for … yet.

P.S.  The bathroom is FINISHED!!!! So… Jan 9th the damage discovered and insurance company contacted to May6th for final paint touch-ups.  I suppose that is better than a lot of people’s experiences with this type of thing.