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Not fun

I mentioned in an earlier post that I injured my shoulder/rotator cuff… hurt it at work on March 23… I am now in considerable constant pain.  Appears the muscle that runs down the back of my bicep is torn or something.

The doctor has ordered an MRI (the hospital phoned to say that they will phone sometime this month to provide the appointment time) and I’m supposed to go for Physio too, but the clinic couldn’t even fit me in for an “assessment appointment” until May 17.  And, the doctor also ordered massage therapy but the clinic’s massage therapist is on mat leave so they don’t have one.

Welcome to health care in Grande Prairie.

To top it off I don’t get paid for the time I’m away from work for all these appointments, but I can’t blow them off as it is WCB.  I called WCB about it and they do have a form for missed wages due to appointments so I can put them through.

Last Saturday I did my first multi-hour face painting gig since the injury… OMG that hurt.  Up till then it was bearable, but holding up my left arm for hours to steady kids’ heads while I painted them was not the right thing to do. 

Since then I’ve been in constant pain.  Then, lifting mom, lifting her wheelchair in and out of the car, and generally just doing anything, really hurts.  I had to make mom’s bed this evening and I was practically crying from the pain.

I have had to alter how I drive as I can’t stretch out my arm to turn the wheel to make a right turn, I have to feed the wheel to my right hand.  Luckily it is doable – just a different style of driving.

Today was rough at work too… I ended up on a phone call with a co-worker and had to shuffle through a file while talking to her, I was trying to hold the phone on my left shoulder while using my hands… not a good idea.

I have some a prescription for NSAIDs which work but if I take them steady I get real cranky – and I mean bitch on wheels cranky – which I don’t want to do.  So I’m trying to get by on Tylenol for body aches.

Sleep is difficult as there is no position that the arm doesn’t ache in.  The doctor said to use ice or heat but not sure how to apply it as it isn’t an easy spot.  And frankly, I don’t have time to sit and try to ice it… have to help mom, get the housework done, etc.

Oh well… hopefully it will stop hurting soon.