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bathroom saga…

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So, last week of April and we are still NOT finished, BUT…

The contractor came on Thursday to install the mirror and the door to the storage closet…

Mirror is huge with a nice wooden frame (matches the vanity drawers).

Storage closet door, closed… still needs the trim/frame/handle painted.

Here is the inside of the storage closet.

 It is floor-to-ceiling, all useable space!

I moved all this in from the hall storage closet, which is now my pantry!

So moved all the canned goods and baking trays, etc. from the basement to the hall closet.

Now we are just waiting for them to come back to finish painting the frame of the bi-fold door and the handle, and I think it may need another coat.  Then the bathroom will be done… but at least it is completely useable!

Oh, and here is a shot of mom’s bath seat – it works on a bladder that fills with water to raise it up, and then drains into the tub to lower her into the bath.

And… here is the bathroom window with the “frosting” I installed all by myself… rolls of that stuff that sticks to glass.  Peels right off again too if you need to move it.

That isn’t a towel bar, it is a support rail cleverly disguised as a towel rail!  The rails in the tub are also support rails, all reinforced in the structure under the wall.


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