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We’re still spring-like with the weather… our front lawn is almost all exposed – slimy and needs raking, but almost snow free!

And… still waiting for the bathrooms final bits.  The mirror and cupboard door are still M.I.A.  The contractor showed up today to seal the grout in the tub.

The home care OT has brought over a couple of hydraulic lift seats for mom to try out in the new tub… two tried and rejected, another one coming for a try-out next Wednesday… problem is that we are long-legged people and the seats don’t sit in the tub to allow enough leg-room – it actually hurts when the seat lowers you down into the tub forcing your knees up around your ears!! 

Okay, slight exaggeration, but still painful!  The seat she is bringing us next week has a removable back so it should hopefully allow mom to move back further.

And… due to my office flood I still haven’t got my bookkeeping finalized for 2010… I’m so late my accountant phoned me at work the other day to check that we were okay!! 

My computers are all unplugged and I need to clean up the office to get everything back together.  There is so much dust in there that I am worried about starting up the computers!  I have to vacuum them all thoroughly before I plug anything in.

I have to clean the floors before shifting furniture back into place, and EVERYTHING in the room needs to be dusted, cleaned, etc.  Every book, every paper, every thing on every shelf… it is a mess.  The contractor made no attempt to cover anything.

Thank god for Swiffer dusters!!

I still have to sort out kit from the last show and pack up for the next which has dress rehearsal on Monday.

It is the weekend which means laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms (BOTH of them!), baking muffins for mom (she has to have her bran muffin every night), AND I have to get all the bathroom stuff back into the bathroom (still in my bedroom in large bins.)

And I hope to get a good start on the bookkeeping… cause we really need that refund money!

My injured shoulder is better but is aching all the time.  Saw the doctor for a follow-up this week and he extended my “light duties” for another two weeks, and then another follow-up appointment.  It still hurts when I try to move it in certain directions and I can’t lift anything heavy with it.  Which sucks given all the heavy work I have to get done this weekend at home!


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