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Only a couple of things left

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So… there are a couple of things still to finish up. Storage cupboard door is still on order (custom size 8′) and the mirror is still missing.  And the contractor is coming back next week to seal the caulking on the bathtub tiles (it apparently needs to cure for a couple weeks before sealing.)

So here is where we are at right now – I’ve started to accessorize!

Our light fixture

The inside of the storage closet with shelves mounted… no door yet.

Contractor still has stuff on the shelves…

So, everything is functional… just have to get the window film applied, get the shower curtain rod and curtain cleaned up and mounted (I’d put them out in the garage and they got covered in sawdust!)

I guess I can start putting bathroom stuff back – it is all in a large bin in my bedroom at the moment.

Contractor came by this morning with the bill… ouch.  Even with the insurance covering the “repair” portion, we still paid out of our own funds almost $12,000… (well, “our own funds” is a bit of an exaggeration – our funds and the bank’s…)  And that doesn’t include the floor, that went straight to the insurance company!


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