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the end is near

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ALMOST …. ALMOST… almost there…

There is still some painting to be done, and the light fixture and the cover plates, the rail beside the toilet still has to be installed, there’s no mirror yet and the storage closet isn’t done – the 8′ doors are on special order (to match the vanity) and for some reason they disconnected the temporary light… BUT it is useable!! 

Tomorrow mom is going to christen the tub.

This next photo is the black granite vanity top and sink we “settled” for when our first choice ended up going to cost $1700!!!  This is a pre-fab from Totem.  I think it is just sitting there – the backsplash pieces are laying against the tap – until the painting is finshed.

Notice the $800 tap?  Hands-free which is easier for mom.

Today I worked on removing the spray-on frost on the bathroom windows – I’m going to replace with a peel and stick type of window cover.  You can see the difference – check out the previous posts and you can see the window is frosted – in the above photos it is almost completely clear.  There are a few spots I still have to get off … but I got tired, and I think I’ll need to use a scraper for these last tough spots.  The rest came off with vinegar and a sponge.

We love the floor I picked out (which is completely covered by the insurance!)  The installer ended up laying it in the same direction as the bamboo because of the width of the flooring which actually looks really good!

And I have been working on the former closet hole. 

After I’d glued on what shows in this photo, I added some more from a ripped up grocery bag to cover most of the white that still showed.  And the contractors have installed the baseboard (which I managed to drip paint on!  I rubbed it off but it still looks messy – luckily they haven’t painted the baseboards yet!)

I did two coats with a sponge, then another thicker application with a paintbrush, but I could see the seam where the door had been… so I dug around and found some packing paper/newsprint and glued it on the wall to distort the “seams” that I can see… what can I say, I’m a bit anal.

So, once that paper/glue dries completely I will use the last of the can of paint to cover up my patches… there was about an inch of paint left in the can from the painters who did the house in December 2009.  It was enough to finish up this project – there’s enough to finish up my “fixes” tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mention it yet… I hurt my left arm at work on Wednesday.  Doctor says it is my rotator cuff and I am on light duties at work for a week and then have to go back to see how it is healing.  I can’t move my arm backward or twist and lift, but it is way better now than it was on Wednesday.  It only hurts when I try to do this… OW!  I know… so don’t do that!

So tomorrow the plan is to finish cleaning the window glass and install the new frosting, finish painting the wall, unpack and put away kit (I’ve still got my containers from Chicago sitting on the floor… the brushes and laundry are done!! I just haven’t put everything back into storage) and give mom a bath. 

And to start cleaning… I think the contractors have finished making messes and dust, so, I may start dusting walls and vacuuming… but I can’t get into my office yet so there is a lot that I can’t clean.


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