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Almost… almost…

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So… painter is here right now doing primer and the ceilings… and some touch-up mudding.

Bathroom is getting there…

Tub with mud started…

Water-proofing stuff on the walls around the tub…

And… tiles now up and setting.  Grouting hasn’t been done yet.

Toilet side of the room – mudding started…

Primer coat…

The contractor told us that the flooring company is coming on Monday to install the new floor (which is all covered by the insurance – actually the quote came in UNDER the insurance quote!)

In the basement the hole in the ceiling has disappeared…

First layer of tape and mud…

Several layers of mud and sanding later… shows more in the photo.  To the naked eye you can’t see where the hole even was!  Painter gave it a coat today and will finish it on Monday.

Ignore the orange paint… that was a previous owners’ decision.  I have paint in the garage to redo the basement in something more… er, normal or at least neutral, but just haven’t had the time or energy.

Vanity is going to be chocolate-brown wood with black granite top, white under mount sink, and the mirror will be frame in wood to match the vanity.  The storage cupboard will have floor to ceiling doors as we want ALL the space useable – in matching brown wood finish.

All taps are chrome, the sink will have a hands free tap, and the tub TWO lever controls – one on the inside end of the tub to control the tap and mounted shower, and one in the middle which will control the hand-held shower.  The middle set is so that mom can control things herself if she is having a bath in the tub.

We have ordered a hydraulic bath-lift which will enable mom to raise and lower herself into the bath, instead of sitting on a stool and using the handheld shower.

The hands-free tap is EXPENSIVE.  It requires a mixing valve (that costs a lot) so that the water temperature is always consistent.  It runs on a battery which supposedly lasts for five years or so.

We still have at least a week to wait I think… I hope NO MORE than a week.  If the floor is done on Monday, then the last two tiles and baseboards and trim go up, the vanity and plumbing get finished and the final painting, plates and light fixtures mounted… that should get done by Friday.. I hope I hope I hope…. I hope….


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