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We’re getting there

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I’m hoping for a working bathroom by… hmm… the end of the month.  Yeah, by the end of March, that would be nice. 

We are still “under repair”…

This is our new bathtub roughed in

This is our new bathtub, MORE roughed in

This is our new toilet roughed in

This is our new toilet MORE roughed in (and moved away from the wall about 4 inches)

This is our old front door closet (we’ve never used this entrance to the house as there is a foyer in the addition)

This is the former closet’s hole

The space has been added to the bathroom and will become storage space.

I get to do the “finishing” on this panel – crumpled brown paper glued to the wall then painted.  The previous owner did this “treatment” on two walls in the living room.  She had it painted brown – we had it painted over when we did the renos last winter (it looks WAAAY better now BTW.)

Here’s the other wall it is done on

It doesn’t really show that much this picture, but on the last photo of the bare gyproc you can see the texture of it.

She told us that she and her partner did it one day after watching Trading Spaces and drinking a bottle of wine… You need the bottle of wine to think “Hey, glueing brown crumpled paper to the wall sounds like a FANTASTIC idea!!”  Then sponge over it with brown paint (I don’t think it was even proper house paint) to make it look like faux leather. 

I used to have to touch-up paint it with brown acrylic paint – the paper would break and white wall would show from under it… The painters we hired last winter HATED IT and painted it FREE.  We had said to leave it out of the job but they didn’t want to so offered to paint it free (just for the cost of the paint) so we took the offer.  It does look completely different and a thousand times better… and I haven’t had to do a touch up since it got two layers of PROPER house paint!

Hmm… while you’re getting a tour… here is one of the dining area.  We have the dark red “Chianti” colour on that wall and on two walls in the kitchen – looks fantastic against the wood.

And here is one showing our kitchen – at least the end of the kitchen looking out into our backyard

[sigh] It is so nice to look at photos of my house when it was clean… no boxes of stuff from the office and bathroom piled up, no dust and construction mess…


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