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Are you a Dr. Who fan?

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As an Advanced member of FACE, The Face Painting Association, I have to submit photos with my renewal application every year.  I have to send in NEW photos of my work that show the three test faces that the original certification requires.  Those three faces are White base, Tiger, and a Three-colour blend.

They don’t have to be original designs and don’t have to be fancy or WOW, just show the appropriate standard of technique and ability.

But I haven’t been taking too many photos of my work over the past six months, at least not many that fit the requirements.  So I emailed Naomi to see if she could spare me an hour.

Last night she came over and I got the photos I needed and they’ve been sent off.

So… I got a giggle out of my three-colour blend.  As the Space Shuttle Discovery landed for the last time yesterday I decided to commemorate  the occasion in my painting… and then added in a Dr. Who reference… only fans will actually “get it”…. I call this design:  Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?

If you “get it”… let me know!  Please… I just need to know that I’m not a total dweeb!  LOL  (cheater link if you don’t get it…)

The tiger and white face are very basic…

Just a basic working tiger… It really doesn’t look like Naomi though which is weird.

And what I call an “Alien Mime”

The purpose of the white base design is to show technique and ability to apply and even, opaque base  – white shows flaws so is the best way to show this.  I was sort of thinking about doing a geisha or Queen Amidala type design… ended up with this mime look.  Pretty minimalist but I think it should serve the purpose.


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