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In like a lamb…er.. lion?

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We were discussing this at work this morning… is -35/-40 in like  lamb or lion?  It was sunny, very little wind… but freakin’ cold.   Some of our customers from the out-lying areas said it was close to -45 at their properties.

The thermometer was photographed at 8 a.m. and it is on the wall outside our patio doors and tends to register 3-5 degrees warmer than the air temp.

There’s more snow coming tomorrow… time for winter to go I think.

And here’s something I painted on myself for the soccer tournament I painted at on Saturday – this was just before I took if off for bed so I’d been wearing it for almost 16 hours at that point.

I can really understand why kids don’t want to wash and sleep in their face paint… it seems such a shame to wash off a good design!  LOL


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