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Last night was closing night for Chicago.  What a fantastic show!  I’m glad for the rest but it was really fun making everyone look so great.

The show broke all the theatre’s records for sales – well over $100,000!

Yesterday was exhausting… I had a two-painter gig (next year they want three!) face painting at the U4-U8 Timbits Jamboree (soccer tournament) from 9 a.m. to 3.p.m.  Mom came along as the brush washer.  Then we packed up and went home, for me to have to turn around and head for the theatre.

I was zoning out while doing make-up I was so tired.  I’d turn around to pick-up the next thing and would completely forget what I was doing.

Amy had it tougher – she was my second painter, then did make-up AND then was one of the chorus in the show!!  She did take a break though as she didn’t arrive in the make-up room at the theatre until quite late.

It was miserable weather yesterday and today – snow and wind.  We’ve got huge drifts and the windchill is close to -40C.

I’m going to be doing my postcard mailings this week.  I’m behind (I usually get my first one out in January) but things have been a little unsettled here. 

I’ll work on them in the evenings this week, at least that is the plan right now.  My office is still not in use – we’re still waiting for the repairs to be completed.  Getting payroll done today was a pain as I had to get into the office to use the printer – which is behind other things but at least was still all connected.

I also have to submit photos with my membership renewal to FACE – each year we have to provide current examples of our work fitting the three test photos – White base, tiger and three-colour blend.  As an Advanced Member I have to submit “new” photos and I haven’t been taking many.  I’m going to have to schedule some sessions with Naomi I think!

Oh, and on a face painting/professional service provider note here is something fun!  We all get asked to work for free or donate our services… I’ve written articles on the subject even – When Is Free Not Free?

This flowchart (or decision matrix if you will!) created by Jessica Hische popped up on one of the forums I’m on – it is perfect!


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