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The contractor started to finish the tear out of the bathroom on Friday.  Yay!  I sure hope it is a fast job – I mean, it is only one bathroom… we really REALLY need an operational toilet upstairs.

Mom and I went and picked out new flooring for the bathroom yesterday.  The flooring company was sent by the insurance company – the floor is separate from the rest of the work so they send in “specialists” to value the replacement of the existing floor.  Then, we can choose to upgrade and pay the difference… and seeing as the existing floor is peel and stick vinyl tile stuck to lino… we choose to upgrade! 

We took a piece of the bamboo flooring with us and the pattern/colours we chose looks fantastic against it.  And seeing as the whole colour scheme on our main floor was picked to go with the bamboo it will work great! 

After picking the floor we went to Costco to pick-up a few things, then to Joey’s Only for dinner, then to the theatre – mom’s part-time aide, Larissa, met us there and took over mom while I went to do make-up for Chicago.  Then I snuck in off the side of the stage to sit with them and watch the show two hours later!

O…M…G!!!  It was fantastic!!  I’ve seen touring companies in Vancouver and Edmonton, and have been to shows in London’s West End, and this production of Chicago rivals them all!!  Absolutely awesome!  All the leads were perfect, the singing was stunning, the production design was simple and effective, the scene changes were very fast, the live band was very good, the costumes were excellent, and well, it goes without saying, the make-up was very impressive… lol

We left the theatre wanting to watch it again, immediately!  I told some of the cast that I wanted them to do it again, right now… they told me to go home…

I meant to take my camera… I promise I will this week.  Show closes on Saturday.  The sales have broken the theatre’s record as of last Thursday – the old record was for Fiddler on the Roof.


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