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who knew?

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I’m sure everyone has one of those cupboards in their kitchen… the one that is hard to reach, usually above the  fridge or stove, where you need a stool to reach the middle of  so you put light and easy to grab things up there.

Ours is above the  fridge of course, and we keep the crackers, taco shells and bags of chips up there.

The last week or so I’ve notice a very bad smell when I’ve opened the cupboard… All that was up there was: six kinds of assorted crackers, a bag of multi-grain tortilla chips, and an Old El Paso taco kit…

I stuck a box of baking soda in the cupboard to get rid of the smell.

It was improving but still pretty bad.

So since the smell was strongest on the side with the huge box of Saltines I grabbed the box to pull it down… WHEW!!!!!

Who knew that saltines can go rancid????  I thought they were like hardtack and kept forever.

It was a BIG box of them and only one packet had been used… all the packets were still sealed… so put in a garbage bag, tied it up and put it out in the bin.

Cupboard smells much better now!  I sniff checked all the other boxes just in case… all good.


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