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It is opening week for Chicago.  I’ve got a crew of six to do a cast of 40.  We are managing working flat-out for the two-hour call that we have.

The producer decided that I wouldn’t be responsible for hair around Christmas as the director had originally booked me for hair AND make-up but then they cut the hair from my budget.  So most of the cast is doing their own with some help from other cast members from what I can tell – there is no hair credit in the program.

Frankly, I’m happy not to be responsible for hair – it is very time-consuming and with so many requiring hair work it would have required at least another six crew just for that.

It is actually lots of fun, for a change, to make ALL the women “hot” and glamourous!  So many shows I get to age or otherwise downplay their looks for their characters that it is a treat to be doing this.

We are using 20’s make-up style as our template.  I’ve got laminated images of actual photos from the 20’s up on the mirrors so we can keep the “look” right on everyone.  The women LOVE how they are looking… lots of “WOW” when they look in the mirror for the final reveal!

Lots of smoky eyes… lush colours, black powder smudged liners, heavy black liner, rosebud lips in darker shades…

The show is VERY good.  They’ve used a lot of the original Bob Fosse choreography and the leads are really strong performers.  Set is simple and effective.

I got our tickets for the 19th – mom and her part-time aide, Larissa (Amy is in the show!) are coming that night too.  I’ve only seen the first part up to intermission at dress rehearsal as I had to check the make-up… and they didn’t have all the costumes or props yet so it will be great to see it all together.

I’m taking my camera tonight and will attempt to take some photos…


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