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Oh the fun…

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Well… it has been “warm” since the weekend and the roof is clear… now I’m trying to get contractors out to check out WHAT the problem is so we can get it fixed before the damage inside the house can be repaired.

We have to pay for the roof/repairs to fix what caused the problem but it looks like the insurance will pay to repair the damage caused by it.

And since our bathroom has to be GUTTED we will do our renovation while it is being done – new larger tub, new toilet, new vanity with storage and new storage built in… and hopefully upgrade the floor to bring it level with the bamboo in the hall.

The problem is getting contractors out to check it out, tell me what’s wrong, and be willing to fix it.  This town is a mess right now due to the snow/melt and there are roof cave-ins, leaks, basement flooding, etc. happening all over town and the contractors are all working flat-out.

The two that I have managed to get over here have COMPLETELY different theories on what the problem is… Tomorrow I’ve got a third company coming (this one recommended by the insurance adjuster).

We have to get it fixed before we can go ahead with the repairs…

Chicago opens next week so I have to get my kit together on the weekend for the run – had to order from MAC to restock on foundations.  Unfortunately they’ve discontinued the Studio Sticks which I really liked – had to substitute the Studio Tech in compacts which they limited me to four of each shade… I’ll have to order more part way through to make it through the run.

Also will be having “new” people on my crew – some I’ve not even met.  So hope that works out.


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