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I think I’m beginning to NOT like winter

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I have today paid $500 to have my roof cleared of snow… BECAUSE water was running INSIDE my walls making the gyproc bulge and bubble and the water pour out around the windows…

Insurance company involved… restoration company sent by the insurance company says that the bathroom wall, ceiling and floors have to be ripped up… and possibly into the living room closet…

This was yesterday afternoon that they told us that – last night the same thing started in my office which is opposite the bathroom… so I guess it gets ripped up too…

Our next project was a bathroom reno… just wasn’t planning it for THIS year.

Snow is off the roof… temp is PLUS 5 and a Chinook is blowing… almost all the ice is off the roof and the water has stopped running in around the windows… once the ice is gone the roofers will come and check.  The roofer says it looks like the roof may have been done to MINIMUM code requirements which means felt under the shingles not ice/water barrier… if that is the case it can be fixed.


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