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Idea time

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So I need to come up with a couple of ideas for another competition. 

This time it is for the FACE postal competitions.  The two I can submit photos to are The FACE Award which is an open theme and the other is the themed competition which is MASQUERADE this year and you can use headdresses and props to embellish. 

The FACE Award is tough as it is open so you send your BEST stuff that showcases your face painting skills.  And they say no props or other accessories allowed either.

I have an idea for the Masquerade design – but as usual I’ve left it late, the deadline is January 24th.  I will need a face to paint too… hmm.

And the rules say that the photos/designs submitted are to be original and unposted/unpublished ANYWHERE which means I can’t submit anything I’ve already posted to this blog, my website or anywhere else.

So to the drawing board!!!  First I’ll go through my idea books to see if I’ve got some sketches that might work.

I’ll probably use Bach Blue… I do love blues…


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